Too Many Baby Photos on Facebook?

If you are trying and failing to get pregnant, Facebook is not your friend. You may love babies (and want one of your own) but the sheer number of the baby photos on display on Facebook can be overwhelming, particularly if you are in the middle of fertility treatments or adoption applications.

You don’t want to explain what you are going through to your Facebook community. You don’t want to limit the ability of your friends to share photos of pregnancy and todderhood. But you also don’t want to cry whenever you click over to your Facebook page. You also don’t want to give up your Facebook account.

I have struggled with the desire to share photos of my beloved baby and the fear of causing pain to those friends who might be having trouble finding or creating a baby of their own. Now there is a solution.

A new extension on the Chrome browser will let you replace the photos of babies with photos of puppies, kittens, or whatever else you find easier to deal with.

Giving puppies and kittens the respect they know they deserve. Also bacon, apparently.


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