About This Blog

If you are trying to build a family after a diagnosis of infertility, you are not alone. You deserve to hear the stories of those who have survived infertility. You need access to information about the full range of fertility treatments and family-building options.

In addition to telling my own story, I research current trends in adoption and fertility treatments and scour fertility message boards to keep track of what infertile women want to know. Most importantly, I write about what I wish I had known when I was diagnosed as infertile, and I help women find the path to building a family best for them.

Women will find my work helpful at all stages of family-building, from infertility diagnosis to parenting after infertility. If you are a woman of child-bearing age, you will find my work useful long before children are even a twinkle in your eye.

What Makes this Blog Different?

Before I identified as infertile, my main area of interest was in the experience of being part of multi-cultural America. With a Syrian-Lebanese father and an Italian mother, both immigrants in their late twenties, my experience of America was different from Day One. In this blog, I explore how being part of an immigrant community alters the experience of infertility and parenting after infertility.